Classic Google Maps


Classic Google Maps

Although Google is still improving their maps product, it's getting worse in some points.
Especially, they get rid of the full map/street view split-screen function In 2014.
We created this map as one of simple alternatives though there are already some services that provide the full map/street view split-screen.
Please give it a try.

How to use

Click and drag pegman to the place you want to see like the original Google maps.
You can change split-mode with the combobox in right-top of the map.
Right-click on the map to show address and coordinate.
If you like to try another map style, try it with the combobox in left-bottom of the map.

You can draw line on the map and measure the length
flashStreet view distance
Drawing line on the map as pegman moves on the street view
data-transfer-uploadUpload kml
You can show your kml file on the map
deleteHide kml
Hide kml
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